Summary Of The Book ' Into The Wild '

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Brief Summary and “Arrangement” of the Book:

• Into the Wild is the story of Chris McCandless’ journey across America and eventually his death in Fairbanks, Alaska. Krakauer weaves the story of McCandless with accounts of other survivalists that are similar to McCandless along with his own experiences.
• There are 18 chapters along with and epilogue. Each chapter is characterized by a certain place that Chris or another person visited and are not in chronological order.
• Chapter 1: Chris meets a truck driver outside of Fairbanks, Alaska and introduces himself as Alex. He says he is going out on the Stampede trail (usually unmarked) which worries the truck driver because he notices that Chris lacks all of the basic necessities that one requires to survive in the wilderness.
• Chapter 2: This chapter jumps to the discovery of McCandless’ body. Two hikers smell his body and find a note that is asking for help. In the autopsy report it is concluded that Chris died of starvation, his body weighing a mere 67 pounds.
• Chapter 3: A man named Westberg remembers Chris, who he knew as “Alex”, as a friendly enthusiastic young man that was the hardest worker he had ever seen. It is said that Chris actually came from an upper-middleclass family and lived in a wealthy suburb of Washington D.C.
• Chapters 4-5: In the Mojave Desert, Chris journals leaving his car in a ditch and burning all of his money and possessions. After hitchhiking around the west for a few months he buys a canoe

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