Summary Of The Book ' The Kitchen Window ' And ' My Home At 33 Himmel Street '

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Liesel is looking out of the kitchen window in her home at 33 Himmel Street, hoping that something exciting would happen on that currently drab day. Suddenly, a creature swoops down from the sky, landing in front of her house. It’s probably just a bird, Liesel thinks. The supposed bird then stands up bipedal. The bird was not a bird at all. It was a HUMAN. Liesel 's eyes widen and she crouches underneath the window, trying to recollect her thoughts. A human just fell from the sky. That’s only something I’ve read about in fantasy novels. Then, how is this happening? She peeks over the windowsill to get a better look at the different person with her light blue orbs. She nearly jumps back in shock. The person, whom Liesel can now tell is a teenage girl, is looking right back at her with her dark brown eyes. The teenager smiles gently, knocking on the window. Lisel gulps, stands up straight and walks over to the door to meet the stranger. She opens the door, now coming face to face with the dirty blonde haired girl. The girl looks normal...except for the fact that she has white spotted wings coming out of her back.
Liesel stammers. “U-Um...who are you, exactly?”
The other girl smiles. “My name’s Maximum, but, you can call me Max. Sorry about scaring you at the window earlier. I just wanted to see if anyone lived here.”
Liesel smiles slightly. “It’s okay. My names Liesel, but...I’m just did you get those wings? I thought that was just fictitious.”
Max sighs. “I

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