Summary Of The Cidney Fisk Case

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On September 26, 2017, a high school in Colorado faced a lawsuit from one its former students. Cidney Fisk graduated from Delta High School in 2016 (MLA). After her experiences throughout her academic career, Fisk decided a lawsuit was the best way to go. She is suing Delta High School on the grounds that they have changed her grades, refused to submit scholarship applications, and ostracized her all because she disagreed with their religious belief. It all started when she protested Colorado's Personhood Amendment, an amendment that would include unborn fetuses as children in the Colorado criminal code. After her protest, a teacher scolded her during class saying, “God gave babies life and abortion is murder.” This presents many problems because this one teacher’s views can affect the school’s image. This could also mean that the school is basing its teachings on religious viewpoints and not allowing their students to come to their own conclusions, thus limiting their academic capabilities. …show more content…

This program stated that the best way for teens to abstain from sex is to become “passionately associated with Jesus Christ”. The principal told a reporter that because did not receive compensation for sexual prevention classes from the government, they did not have to follow the federal guidelines and separation of church and state. Because of the school’s actions, many teens could be more at risk to STD’s than if they would have received a comprehensive sexual education class. While I see nothing wrong with including religious in with abstinence, I believe that the school should have included a program that relied more on well-tested facts and

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