Summary Of The Dysfunctional 'The Dollhouse Descendants'

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The Deconstruction and Detrimental Downfall of the Dysfunctional “The Dollhouse” Descendants “Sippy Cup” is the third single on the debut Crybaby album released in 2015. the whole album was written and performed by The Voice alumni, Melanie Martinez. The entire album and corrondspoing music videos,which Martinez also directed, are released in chronological order following Melanie's character Cry Baby, as she navigates through the troubles of living with a dysfunctional family consisting of: her abusive drug addicted brother, her adulterous, philandering father, and her psychotic alcoholic mother. In the EP titled “Dollhouse” Cry Baby is afraid that someone will uncover the rotting, festering truth behind her family’s picture perfect exterior. The sequel, “Sippy Cup”, allows listens to delve in deeper to Crybaby’s unfortunate family dynamic. In a past interview with SPIN magazine, Melanie Martinez stated; …show more content…

She has gotten body modification surgery to please her husband(15). She fills her pockets with weights to convince her doctor she isn’t unweight (30). The line “your favorite candy is cotton that is why your teeth are rotten” (31) has a double meaning. It could be referring to the cotton ball diet, in which woman dunked cotton balls in flavored drinks and eating them to feel full(ABC NEWS). It is also the street name of a popular narcotic Oxycontin. Also, rotten teeth are one of the telltale signs of an eating disorder. Although her willingness to sacrifice her own happiness to maintain the desirable image of a happy family does stand to prove how strong her resolve is. While Crybaby’s father isn't beating her mother, what he is doing would still be considered abuse. By going outside their marriage to obtain something he has waiting at home has had such adverse effect into which he isn't just hurting his wife, he is hurting his children who have to witness their mother’s

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