Summary Of The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby is a fictional novel written in 1925 by author F. Scott Fitzgerald. Nick Carraway, the narrator of the book, was introduced at the beginning of the story as a Midwest native who moves to Long Island to work as a corporate-bond trader and so happened to be a neighbor of the millionaire Jay Gatsby, who soon invites Carraway to attend one of his famous parties. Not long after the party, Nick learns that Gatsby is in love with Daisy Buchannan, who was Nick’s cousin. Daisy was married to Tom Buchannan, a good friend of Nick’s. He soon learns that Tom has a secret lover, Myrtle Wilson, who is the wife of George Wilson. Gatsby soon asks Jordan Baker, a mutual friend of his and Nick’s to ask Nick to set up an “accidental” meeting for Gatsby and Daisy. Nick lets the readers know that Gatsby and Daisy were once in love, but Daisy married Tom while Gatsby was gone to the war. The meeting soon emerges, awkward first, but throughout the night, it becomes better. Soon after this, Gatsby and Daisy begin to secretly see each other again. Gatsby and Nick become very close friends, despite all the rumors that Nick has heard about Gatsby. Eventually, Tom Buchannan confronts Gatsby about the secret relationship while in Manhattan, but it turns into an argument about who Daisy loves more. Daisy admitted that she loved them both, but Daisy decides to return home with Gatsby instead of her husband, Tom. Meanwhile, Daisy is driving Gatsby’s car back home, strikes a woman on the

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