Summary Of The Jim Crow South

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Journal Entry #1: The book displays the struggle within the circus and the “Jim Crow South”, the switching back and forth between the two locations allow the reader to determine which location were George and Willie Muse, better off in, which is the argument and purpose of the book. The circus, people were paid highly, with the cost of being exploited for your abnormalities and being on the road constantly, sometimes, without a choice to leave because you could have been kidnapped into the circus, but everyone in the circus (except the staff/customers) was equal. In the Jim Crow south, if you were black, you were likely to be a slave, lynched, killed/insulted/discriminated against severely, or a sharecropper. The book’s meaning shows that no matter where you could be, who you are, or what your circumstances are, you can rise to the top. The memoir shows the struggle of Willie and George Muse, along with the people around the brothers, but it also is shown how the rose against the odds and succeeded. This book collects every evidence shred around the brothers and discusses it, even the nasty bits of the memoir. It immortalizes their experience and what it was like to live away from their hometown, with only one person who they could have solace with, an owner who only exploits them because they’re different and society deems them as freak, being sold and on the road for the rest of their life. Their captor even tells them their mother is dead when they were kidnapped at a

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