Summary Of The Joy Of Reading And Writing Superman And Me

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Alexie, Sherman. "The Joy of Reading and Writing; Superman and Me." Los Angeles Times, Apr 19, 1998, pp. 54, ProQuest Central, http:// 421386805?accountid=37705. In his narrative "The Joy of Reading and Writing; Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie aims to explore the terrible school conditions Indian students face on poor Indian reservations. Alexie taught himself to read at a young age and became a skilled reader and writer because of this. However, Alexie was widely feared amongst the other Indian kids; often he was asked not to answer when the non-Indian teachers asked a question. Refusing to fail, Alexie heightened his reading and writing abilities and became a well published author. Alexie later returned to Indian reservations and taught the students the joys of reading and writing; he attempts to remove the barriers to success that Indian children face. Being the original literary narrative, this annotated bibliography will be centered around Sherman Alexie’s main argument. This source is important to my paper because it presents the original issue to focus on; the issues being terrible school conditions for Indian students. Alexie’s main argument presents a unique perspective to my paper; a perspective on reservation life that can only be attained through living on a reservation.
Butrymowicz, Sarah. “The Failure of Tribal Schools.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 26 Nov. 2014,

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