Summary Of The Niagara Movement Speech And The Atlanta Compromise Speech

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In comparison, The Niagara Movement Speech and The Atlanta Compromise Speech are both extremely similar in many aspects. The strong overarching thematic concept is focused around the implementation of enforced civil rights and equality among African Americans and white population. With this theme, both figures make it clear that the purpose of their speeches is to embrace the differences between both races within America. Washington and DuBois both exhibit emotion, undisputable facts, and reliable credibility to convey their argument to the audience, while applying their own experiences and thoughts. Both speakers project their main idea by discussing human rights, segregation and the future as examples to prove their stances’.
Washington and DuBois speeches are both centered around discrimination and civil rights of the African American population. In the beginning of both speeches, DuBois and Washington make statements on the rights of African Americans, while comparing their rights to the white population. In DuBois speech, he says, “Fear to let black men even try to rise lest they become the equals of the white. And this is the land that professes to follow Jesus Christ. The blasphemy of such a course is only matched by its cowardice.” In comparison, Washington states, “I pledge that in your effort to work out the great and intricate problem which God has laid at the doors of the South, you shall have at all times the patient, sympathetic help of my race; only let this

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