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Chapter 15- A literary work which fully symbolized freedom was, once again, Crank. Kristina (Bree) finally had the opportunity to free herself from herself. During this time she becomes someone else, or an alternate version of herself, she uses the flight to a different city as a chance to change herself completely, only ironically causing more struggle, while trying to escape her own. Chapter 17- A novel which I have read that depicted sex, but was not described was Crank. The narrator, Bree writes about her first sexual experience in comparison to first high. Bree explains her first experience as unreal when her pulse began rising, and she felt herself “fly high”.

Chapter 18- A baptism scene from a literal work I can recall is from the novel Crank as well. Bree’s child is born, and soon after her mom is responsible for her soon. During the time of the baptism, Bree, her father, and her boyfriend show up smelling like “the monster”, described her son. The ironic part is that the baptism did not change Bree, but rather her soon. It causes him to recall the few memories of his mother, all which include drugs, and very little emotion.

Chapter 19- One literary work four aspects of geography is the novel Sold. The novel is narrated by a young girl Lakshmi, living in Indian village, in poverty, while still enjoying the aspects of her childhood and innocence. To save her family from more suffering, she is unknowingly sold into prostitution. While traveling to Nepal, she

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