Summary Of The Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Address By Bill Clinton

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Bill Clinton wrote the “Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Address” in order to comfort the families who lost a loved one the night of the bombing. Anna Quindlen wrote “The Quilt of a Country” in order to send a message to the readers about how they unite specifically. She is saying that how they unite is similar to a quilt.Even though the “Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Address,” by Bill Clinton, and “A Quilt of a Country,” by Anna Quindlen, both emphasize the importance of uniting in time of tragedy, they differ in that Clinton’s address compels the audience to move on from tragedy while Quindlen’s essay appears to stress ironically the importance of embracing tragedy.
“The Quilt of a country” by Anna Quindlen and “Oklahoma Bombing” by Bill Clinton talked about how they all should unite as a nation. Bill Clinton uses pathos to show sympathy to all those who lost their lives all though the audience did not lose a loved one they must show them that they are going to help them get through life even when an accident like the bombing happens. “This terrible sin took the lives of our American family, innocent children in that building, only because their parents were trying to be good parents as well as good workers; citizens in the building going about their daily business; and many there who served the rest of us.”He uses that quote in order to make the audience feel sadness about all those innocent children who lost their lives and for the family who lost a loved one. Because they feel

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