Summary Of The Rhetorical Situation

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In “The Rhetorical Situation", Bitzer states that “An act is moral because it is an act performed in a situation of a certain kind; similarly, a work is rhetorical because it is a response to a situation of a certain kind.” It’s very hard to understand rhetoric without thinking about theatrical acts as a response to a situation. Rhetorical is meant to “produce action or change in the world”. It exists because of a specific situation which it responds to in order to accomplish something. Bitzer came up with three main constituents; Exigence, Audience, and Constraints, to help analyze a rhetorical situation. Fresh Future Farm is a perfect example of the real world rhetorical situation. They are trying to produce a change in the world by…show more content…
Bitzer talks about Franklin D. Roosevelt’s brief speech about the Declaration of war. She explains why the message is a response to an exigence and how it is perceived by one major audience. The main constraint of the speech is talking about the necessity of war and not the speech itself. Fresh Future Farm is a non-profit with the goal of establishing an urban farm training center that educates South Carolina's working poor, new farmers and disadvantaged family farmers about profitable agricultural techniques that reclaim underused resources and economic opportunities. Fresh Future Farm encourages people to eat and live better. It is a farm and grocery story that give educational tours for schools, families and out-of-town visitors. They offer workshops on innovative small & urban farming techniques. Which allow the community to collaborate and develop projects with strategic partners. They grow healthy, chemical free food and makes them available at affordable prices. This farm doesn’t just supply health foods they also built their farm in a food desert so that they could meet food needs and generate job opportunities for their neighbors. By doing this they are making the community more self-reliant and robust. They stimulate social, economic and ecological environments through green farming and building practices, permaculture design, renewable energy and strategic partnerships to keep overhead costs low. With the best practices of profitable urban farms as its
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