Summary Of The Shacks

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- Arrive in Florida with around a dozen shacks - Lee Coker and Amos Hicks - Eatonville (name of town) contains only 50 acres of land - Jody pays for 200 additional acres from Captain Eaton - Jody going to build store and a post office on his new 200 acres - Meets a man name Tony Taylor - Coker and Taylor are hired by Jody to build his store while the others search for new residents - Jody is named mayor - Jody buys a street lamp for town - Janie doesn’t like business of store. - She likes when people tell her stories. - Matt Bonners Mule runs away and is found outside the store and people start messing with it. Janie disapproves their decision to mess with the mule - The mule dies and vultures eat it. - Janie feels like she should run away …show more content…

- She continues to work at the store, which keeps her busy and makes her happy. - She started wearing her hair in a braid and after 6 months began to where white which shows that she is available for men. - She doesn’t care about not showing that she’s not sad, but she’s not. - A customer named Vergible Woods, also goes by Tea Cake was in the store and asked Janie about playing a game of checkers. - She felt flattered, as she’s never been shown respect such that he was showing. - He made Janie laugh and show happiness. - He stayed around and helped her lock the store up until it was time to go for the night. - It was a week before Tea Cake came back around and Janie was suspicious that he only wanted her for her money…but ended up, they spent time together, playing checkers, fishing, talking and enjoyed each other very much. - Hezekiah, tells Janie that Tea Cake is not good enough for her. - She already has her own insecurities about him and why he would like someone so much older than him. - Tea Cake comes back every few days and Janie continues to question why he would want to be with her and continues to feel insecure about herself and who she is. - Tea Cake asked that they make their relationship public and he even bought a car so he can take her out. - All the town people found out about Tea Cake and Janie at the

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