Summary Of The Sociopath Next Door

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Our conscience is the indicator into what we think and the actions that follow our thinking process. It acts as a guide into different paths of behaviors, such as wrong and right. Sociopaths lack a conscience, have a personality disorder, and act uncontrollably in extreme, and violent behaviors when in encountered in unappealing situations. As “4% of people are sociopaths-1 in 25 people.”(10) Many sociopaths have the tendency to murder and harm others without feeling remorse for their actions. Martha Stout, the author of The Sociopath Next Door, really digs deep into the conscience of sociopaths and their cycle of thinking through many studies. The novel starts out with giving a reader a sense of having no conscience and what behaviors follow. Leading into the first chapter, a business man on his way to a meeting realizes he forgot to feed his dog. Unfortunately, he has an flight after the meeting and does not have time to complete all three tasks in order to make his flight. The problem is his he will be gone for 36 hours and does not want to leave his dog without food. He brainstorms on his drive to the meeting, trying to come with up a solution. Stout leads into mentioning, if he goes back to feed the dog, he has a strong emotional bond with the dog and cares for its well-being. This is where the author bring ups history of conscience and pinpoints on the negative thought that leads to negative behaviors. She continues and brings up Freud's superego and the

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