Summary Of William Gibson's Pattern Recognition

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William Gibson’s post-modernist novel Pattern Recognition was very complex in the chronicles of Cayce Pollard’s life in finding the maker of very moving and provocative footage. There were several themes throughout the story such as trust, interpersonal, and social relationships and the variation between art and advertising throughout the novel. There are several different characters in Pattern Recognition, which leads to several different social interactions between them all. Yet, in a post September eleventh society, there is a distinct mark in the beginning of surveillance culture. This brings a level of distrust amongst the people throughout the story and the protagonist, Cayce Pollard. From the very beginning of Cayce’s time in …show more content…

The moment she finally decided to hear Dorotea out, they were in the lobby of Cayce’s hotel room: “’She’s drugged the water. Scream.’ Which she does. So that, when things go black…’ (Pattern Recognition, 326). Essentially, the second Cayce let her guard down around her; Dorotea drugged her. On top of that, Dorotea hired people to break into the apartment Cayce was staying at just to make her uneasy enough so that she would leave London before accepting Bigend’s offer to find the maker of the footage. This includes typing: “SEE ASIAN SLUTS GET WHAT THEY DESERVE” (Pattern Recognition, 40) onto the computer she was using. From breaking into Cayce’s previous therapist’s office, Dorotea was able to piece together deep, dark secrets. One of the secrets she unveiled was Cayce’s “allergy” to big name brands and that she was afraid of the Michelin Man mascot. She then, she held that information over Cayce and tried to scare her with it: “Cacye tries to open her mouth, to say something. How did Dorotea know? The silence lengthens… Dorotea smirks” (Pattern Recognition, 100). Dorotea’s meddling in Cayce’s life did not start the moment Cayce arrived in London, however. Dorotea hired an American graduate student to help her create the guise of “Mama Anarchia” to lurk on the footage forum that Cayce and Parkaboy frequent. “’Did you ever guess,’ Dorotea says, ‘that I might also be Mama Anarchia?’ … ‘… And now I think you are my little puppenkopf as well’” (Pattern Recognition, 325). Finally, Dorotea hired two men to stalk Cayce while she was in Tokyo: “’Cayce was followed, in Tokyo.’ ‘By whom?’ ‘Two men, possibly Italia.’ … ‘Who were they?’ ‘We don’t know’ (Pattern Recognition, 182). Dorotea was not interested in the footage due to some passion for artwork, but for her own personal gain. She even tells Cayce: “‘Cayce,’ Dorotea says, ‘it’s a career decision for me.’

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