Summary OfThe Black Cat By Edgar Allan Poe

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Literature is a world in which the imagination of the writer is blended into the reality of the author’s experiences, thoughts, and inner desires. The human mind is made into the way it is by the influences from distinct events, relationships and bonds with significant people, and the mental and physical well being of the individual. Edgar Allan Poe’s gothic tale, “The Black Cat”, achieves an effect of shocking insanity. His continuous drug and alcohol abuse led him to write these eerie tales of death, insanity, and darkness that allowed Americans to see a different side of literature. Throughout his stories and poems, Poe features the sense to take vengeance. This dark characteristic takes it origin from his somber childhood. From an early age, he began to lose the ones he loved. His mother and father both died from tuberculosis within the same year, leaving Poe and his two younger siblings orphans (Barney and Paddock).The siblings were split up; Poe was sent to live with a couple from Richmond, Virginia named John and Frances Allan (Wayne). Poe had developed a strong relationship with his foster mother so when she died from tuberculosis, he was torn. Unfortunately, tragedy and death continued to follow Poe as his life went on; his older brother and wife both died from tuberculosis. (Sova). This terrible disease made Poe manically afraid, becoming envious of the peaceful lives of those around him. He seemed to mourn his loved ones through his gothic writings of

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