Summary: The Limits Of Torture

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Torture is one of the most controversial topics of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The age of terrorism has forced the topic to be introduced to the Legislative Branch. Now that technology is present in every aspect of life the gruesome interrogations of terrorist organizations are privy to the average Joe. Many people believe that torture is both barbaric and uncivilized reserved for third world countries and fragile regimes. These individuals tend to agree that torture is any action or practice of inflicting sever pain on someone in the version of physical or mental abuse with the desire to degrade or humiliate. However, there are individuals who believe that torture is a necessary evil; even though most third world countries …show more content…

This scenario proposes a situation in which a time limit is issued before an attack is carried out on the lives of many people. The primary issue arises when an individual from a conflicting party has the knowledge or capability to prevent the attack and refuses to reveal the solution. If this individual is apprehended, the fight to extract the hidden knowledge begins. Proponents of torture offer the forceful method through which the knowledge is extracted by, quite literally, squeezing the information out of the individual in order to save the thousands of lives before time runs out. Opponents of torture, however, present a more humane and less “barbaric” method of information extraction. These people who claim that torture has no positive outcomes and provides no greater amounts of information than alternative methods of interrogation. The disagreements presented in the paragraphs above clearly show a lack of civilized communication between the opposing sides. Proponents of torture have offered limited torture as a solution, while the opponents have presented humane and other alternative interrogation styles more geared to the rights of the

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