Summary: The Magnificent Muraco

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No disrespect meant to The Magnificent Muraco by his inclusion on this list. Don Muraco was one of the top heels in just about every promotion in the 70’s and 80’s including WWF, Mid-Atlantic, Georgia Championship Wrestling and New Japan. Powdered donuts are the worst food to eat while speaking in public. They're mouth-drying, crumbling, sugar flying all over the place, a nightmare. So, why would Muraco be stuffing his face with the things during a promo with Mean Gene? His gimmick was "disrespectful heel", the ultimate disrespect in Muraco's world seemed to be eating during a match or promo. To an extent it makes sense-"I care more about this delicious meatball sandwich than the threat of injury from my opponent!" But, is it really a gimmick or is Muraco simply a starving stoner who can't get his fill? In his book, Bret the Hitman Hart describes looking for Neidhart in Adrian's hotel room, what he finds there is "A clubhouse for bad boys: Jim, Adrian, Roddy, Muraco, The Iron Sheik, even Mr. Fuji...They'd filled the bathtub with ice and bottles of beer. On the table was a mound of coke."…show more content…
Before long all of us were talking and laughing about everything...” which pretty much describes what everyone does when they smoke pot. The number one symptom of cannabis ingestion is of course the munchies-need I say more. Other corroborating evidence of Muraco's marijuana habit, he's a surfer from Hawaii, he wears sunglasses indoors and hooded sweatshirts, typical stoner gear. Why is a hoodie signature pothead attire? The kangaroo pouch is prime real estate for hiding a pipe, papers, or extra roll of powdered donuts. Muraco was also fond of wearing tye-dye t-shirts to the ring, very reminiscent of drug-culture icons like The Grateful Dead. In a shoot interview, Muraco claims he loved Bob Seiger back in the day and if that doesn't say drug use, I don't know what
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