Summary : ' The Pillow Tight I Smile '

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Clunching the pillow tight I smile. Could the night had gone any better? I bring the blankets up to cover my naked breast and slowly turn around needing to see Christian 's sexy face. Too many drinks and the crazy sex we had in the closet has me wondering how in the world we made it back. The last thing I remember is walking out of the nightclub. I sit up and the room is spinning, why did I drink so much? I attempt to stand up however horrendous noises coming from outside my room stop me. What the hell is going on? Had someone broken into the house? I panic and immidatly turn to wake Christian. Yet, he is not alongside me. I wonder where he 's gone. I am terrified. Reaching for the switch of the nightstand light, I turn the light on and reach for my robe. Just as I open the door, it becomes louder. Somebody is yelling, yelling in pain. I immediately begin to panic, and hope nobody has hurt Christian. Following the sound of the noise, I stop outside Christian 's room. I mentally prepare myself for the worst until my eyes catch Christian tangled in the sheets having a terrible nightmare. I immediately make my way to the bed needing to wake him up. "No.. Don 't. She needs me." He yells and I am scared to get close, not wanting him to hit me. But I can 't stand here looking at how much pain he is in. I slowly take a sit on the bed I need to be gentel, I know how it feels to be woken up from a horrible dream. Placing my hand on his chest, I try shaking him but it doesn 't seem

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