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I like you to write an essay analyzing separately each of the texts in the attached documents. I would like each analysis to start with a summary followed by a transition to analysis of the document. From the Prosologion, Anselm of Canterbury 1077, Hopkins and Richardson trans. (Chaps. 2-5) Summary: St. Anselm argues the existence of God based on the following premises: God exists in our understanding which means that the concept of God exists as an idea in our mind. Anything that exists in our understanding has a correlation/ correspondence in the external world, therefore God is a possible being and may well exist in reality. Something that exists in reality is great. Something that is only a concept in our mind it is not replicated in reality may actually be greater was it to exist in actuality. Now St. Ansell continues let us suppose that God does exist only in our mind, not in reality. This (following from the last premise) would make God greater than He is. So, therefore, God could plausibly attain even greater heights of elevation. This is impossible for when we think of God, the concept God represent ultimate greatness. Hence this is a contradiction within itself. Taking this to its logical conclusion leads us to deduce that it is impossible for God to exist solely in the mind. Hence, he must exist in reality too. Analysis I find Anselm's reasoning tricky and convoluted. Firstly, it is situated in the philosophy of the time, namely in classical Greek Platonic

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