Essay Summary of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

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Summary “Like most misery, it started with apparent happiness” (84). In the beginning, we are introduced to the narrator by the name of Death. He informs the readers that he has many stories, but only remembers the ones that interest him. The tale of Liesel Meminger is one such tale, as he was always fascinated by her will to live through the most horrible instances. It should be duly noted however, that this story does not have a happy ending. Death makes this clear before we even have a chance to get our hopes up. He tells us that everyone dies; the amount of time that they last is truly the only difference. After this sordid fact is in place, he mentions just Liesel first attracted his attention. It was on a train with …show more content…

She decides then and there to take it, even as the men in charge of cleaning up the ashes walk closer, she darts in and snatches the book, much like the first one, from the eyes and gaze of others. Liesel makes a friend by the name of Rudy, who becomes a constant companion to her adventures, going along with future plots of thievery and continuously trying to get a kiss from her. She has a sort of rivalry between herself and Rudy in the beginning, but after they become the best of friends. This will prove helpful later, as they join a group of fruit thieves to keep from starving, and also when they break into Ilsa Hermann’s library for books. This is in fact the way she earned her title as the book thief. An important relationship forms between Liesel and Ilsa Hermann, who is the mayor’s wife. She owns a sizable library and allows Liesel to read any book on the shelves when she is there. Liesel starts spending most of her time there, continuing to harness and refine her reading skills. Another important moment is the arrival of Max, a Jew who Hans owes a favor to because his father saved him during the war. Liesel uses the words to create a bridge to Max, teaching him to read and write while he hides inside their basement. After some time, Max starts to write his own books, drawing pictures into them and basing them off his own views on World War One. His books,

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