Summer Narrative Essay

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The summer leading into my senior year of high school was complicated as well as interesting. Things happened that I would have never expected. However, it was, all around, a great summer. I wouldn’t take any event away if I had the option. My summer included a trip to Virginia Beach with my then boyfriend, getting my first job, and helping my parents with their business.
I had never been to Virginia Beach until this trip; I hadn’t been to a beach in more than ten years. This trip was a turning point in my relationship with my now ex-boyfriend. We had a decent hour and a half drive to get there. Once we actually made it to the beach is when things started going downhill. We put out our towels as blankets on the sand and started to get into the beach vibe. I went down to the water and started taking in the beauty that is the ocean with the sounds of the birds and chatter of families around me. When we were in the water, I accidentally splashed him in the face with water, and he stormed back to our spot. He wasn’t in a good mood for the rest of the day. Later on, when we went to dinner, it took us an hour to get our food. Then on the way home, I was almost driven off of a bridge by a truck. There were smaller events that made the trip not as fun, too. However, if I had the opportunity to erase the trip, I wouldn’t because it showed me more about him in those six to seven hours than it did in the three years we were together. We did enjoy each other’s company during this trip,

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