Sunset Run Analysis

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Sunset Run (2015) Cast: Raheem Adams, Valencia Wigfall, CJ Mungin, Lauren Whitifield, Daren Adams Jr, Tyler Perry, Luis Moore, and Andre Miner Director: Raheem Adams Synopsis: Raheem Adams stars as the self-indulgent Drug lord Wendall Punch. Wendall Punch plans to get his hitman Carter (Daren Adams Jr) to kill his number one enemy Sunset Petersfield (Valencia Wigfall). Sunset has another course of action in mind and aims to twist Wendall’s propensity upside-down. Review: The screenplay for the 2015 movie Sunset Run was written by Raheem Adams, inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s “Jackie Brown”. Sunset Run is a marvelous movie that flourishes in every way. From the characters to the soundtrack Adams is a natural at drawing viewers in. Sunset Run is a Thriller full of invigorative action and an intriguing plot line. The movies spotlight aims on the characters Wendall Punch and Sunset Petersfield. Wendall Punch (Raheem Adams) is in his early twenties and a relentless drug lord. Greed consumes Wendall’s judgment with every person he works with. Because of this Wendall has no problem taking out who he needs to one by one. Wendall has a dreadful past with Sunset Petersfield (Valencia Wigfall). She was involved with his father as his mistress and Wendall despises that she spilt his parents up. When…show more content…
He is an intelligent, gifted, and accomplished film writer, director and actor. Despite his youthful age Adam’s work is alongside many of the great experienced directors of his day. Adams gave an unimaginable performance as his character Wendall Punch. He makes the viewers feel whatever his character is going through and in various cases you can see the anger of Wendall radiating off the screen. Raheem Adams has a true commitment to his work and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will go down in history as one of the
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