Superman Research Paper

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This man has been docile and misunderstood for his entire life. His ferocious demeanor can frighten the bravest of people. He can work independently or collectively. He’s seen as a menace, but he’s been a hero many times. With the brain he has, the booming voice and quick decision-making he is a natural born leader in times of peril. As he becomes angrier, the more effective and violent he becomes. His hairy appearance resembles, that of a lumberjack. He is known for healing himself but has no medical background. He’s like a Benihana chef, but he is not a cook. A group of mutants ranging in different powers are known as the X-Men. For example the elite members of this group is Wolverine. The X-Men are victim’s segregation. In order for the …show more content…

Often, we like being surrounded by others, and there are times when we enjoy having our own time. Wolverine operates alone at times to complete certain jobs. He does this because; he knows he can rely on himself. According to, Robin Rosenberg who wrote, The Psychology of Wolverine, Wolverine is described as someone who “must be the kind of person who prefers the social stimulation of being around others while at the same time being able to be alone among others” (Rosenberg). This quote accurately sums up Wolverine’s journey through life. Wolverine also works collectively and completes the goal that needs to be achieved within a group. Nothing is wrong with someone who wants their personal time because; they can also cherish their time when people are …show more content…

Most of the mutants try to live their lives in peace: regretting having their power since they are viewed as menaces. “As long-time X-Men writer Chris Claremont explained back in 1982, ‘The X-Men are hated, feared, and despised collectively by humanity for no other reason than that they are mutants’’’ (qtd. In Lyubansky). In the films, Wolverine can do all the good he wants and he would still be viewed as a nuisance. Wolverine is trying to solve the barrier that separates the humans from the

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