Support Children Speech, Language And Communication

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Unit 68 – Support children speech, language and communication 1.1 Explain each of the terms; a) Speech b) language c) communication d) speech , language and communication needs . For this assignment I will be explaining the terms; speech, language, communication – speech, language and communication needs. For the second part I will go into details explaining how the above mentioned terms support children’s and young people’s development and will also describe the potential impacts . I will be using examples in my work and will also add how adults can effectively support and extend children language, speech and communication needs. Speech is defined by the sounds that children and young people use to increase their words. It means speaking confidently without undetermined, delaying or recapping words or sounds. To support meaning it’s important to: speak confidently with expression and a clear voice, using pitch, volume and intonation. Language is defined by having words to outline matters, movements and qualities or using these words to build up sentences. This means using sentences to build up talks and stories and finally succeeding the guidelines of grammar, so that things make logic. Communication means consuming language in dissimilar methods; to query, simplify, define and discuss, using non-verbal rules of communication: listening, looking, and knowing how to take spoken goes and how to change language to ensemble the circumstances. A child or young

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