Susan B. Anthony : The Causes Of Women's Rights Activists

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During the 19th and 20th centuries Men reigned supreme. The lack of rights for women and poor people sparked protests and were the cause of the appearance of rights activists. Civil liberty issues in the American past have been resolved in the aspects of women’s rights and poor people’s rights, but based on perception, little has been resolved. Women’s civil liberty issues have been untangled through Women’s rights activists and many years of pushing for constitutional equality. A well known suffragist in women’s history is Susan B Anthony. She gave speeches, led protests, and formed committees to help the public realize that “women are citizens” and therefore should be able to participate in events that male citizens are authorized to (Source E). This quote from Anthony’s speech portrays pathos because it is aimed at the citizens emotions by making women animate and living objects. Seeing women for the people they are and not just as people that can be pushed around was important for women’s rights activists because it helped them persuade male citizens in power to grant them liberties. Because of Anthony’s dedication and passion she was a principal part in the creation of the 19th amendment. This article defends the point that women’s rights have been settled because it demonstrates how women did not have the right to vote during the election of 1872 but now voting is a responsibility of ALL American Citizens 18 years and older. Furthermore, Sojourner Truth was another

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