Swaddling Clothes By Yokio Mashima

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In the short story "Swaddling Clothes" by Yokio Mashima, theme is displayed mostly through three major aspects of the story. Which are the Plot, character, and symbolism, of the story. This how the author decided to display theme throughout the story. The theme of the story point to the social differences in japan. The first aspect is made known in the plot. The theme of the story is social differences; shown through the plot when the baby is born. The baby is born an orphan and so it is wrapped in cheap newspapers. Because it’s immoral to not wrap a baby up. Due to the baby being an orphan because the mother wouldn’t keep it he was pretty much cast aside. This shows social differences because when Toshiko looks at the orphan baby, and then looks at her son, she realizes the differences between them. She sees that both the orphan and her son could be the same but, at the same time be so different. They both have the potential to be brilliant millionaires. Just as anyone does, but because of the orphan baby 's class, he may never even know the feeling of having someone to love him. Not only that, he doesn’t have someone to motivate him to use his potential. This shows the theme of social differences appears in the plot by comparing the two boys by class, and social status. The second aspect is prevalent in the characters. Social differences is shown through Toshiko 's character traits and thoughts. When she leaves her husband in a taxi so she could go on home.

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