Sweat By Zora Neale Hurson Analysis

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I have chosen to select Zora Neale Hurston “Sweat” and Alice Walker “Everyday use”. I found their styles very similar and while the time period was many years apart the subjects and descriptive words made you feel as though they were written from the same time period. The authors used language and spelling of words to help the readers understand the pronunciation of the words used by the subjects. While I found Zora’s story titled “Sweat” the hardest to read because of the heavy use of misspelled words to get the full understanding of the pronunciation her characters used. Both stories are about African American women and their struggles with being a woman living in a predominantly black community.
“Sweat” is a story about an African American woman named Delia, who is married to a man called Sykes. Sykes is a very abusive husband and beats Delia repeatedly for almost anything he felt she needed it or had not done properly …show more content…

I think it’s a typical story of family’s everywhere in America. Conflict is something that happens in all family’s and sometimes things get resolved and others go unresolved forever among siblings. Dee has gone away to school and is returning home and her sister Maggie can’t wait until she leaves. Maggie dreams of being on a TV show because she sees the conflict of other family’s on TV and they work things out during the show and everyone ends the show with the relief the conflict has ended. The reader is given descripted glances at the two sister’s appearances. Maggie is a large woman with scars on her body. Her hands are rough like a man’s hands and she can do anything a man can do from killing and cleaning a hog. She wears flannel nightgowns to bed and her fat keeps her warm even in zero temperature. Maggie’s self-esteem is very lacking because she walks with her head down and shuffles her

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