Swidden Farming and the Logging Industry in Indonesia Essay examples

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With over 130 million hectares of forest area, Indonesia has the third largest forest in the world. These forests are home to many diverse wildlife and unique creatures not found naturally anywhere else in the world. Before the 1950’s, these forests were dense and in a natural balance. With the introduction of greed in the form of humans and reckless machinery over 60 or so years, Indonesia has won the dubious honour in becoming the “World leader of deforestation”. This has led to an unnatural balance and is causing humans to try to control the environment more than they should. They practice the act of Swidden farming just like the indigenous people of those regions have. It is the action of cutting down trees and burning any unnecessary …show more content…

These pollutants may remain in the forest area. They can move into the cities and add to the factory released pollutants. Or, they can go over into innocent neighbouring countries and disrupt their lifestyles and their health. In 2013, a pollution cloud from Indonesia covered and filled Singapore. The Pollutant Standards Index surged and obtained a reading of 371. This is the highest level of pollution Singapore has ever had and they did not contribute to the burning. This pollution causes difficulty with navigation and will give a person skin irritations, breathing difficulties, and respiration issues from the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons found as a by product of Swidden farming.

Another issue with pollution from Swidden farming is its exacerbation to global warming. The fires of Swidden forests release greenhouse gases. These gases build up in the atmosphere and keep in infrared radiation. This is the natural way the Earth maintains the temperature. A dense, greenhouse gas atmosphere is not a good idea. Yet, the Indonesian logging industry continues to slash and burn down forests for money. An example of a greenhouse gas rich atmosphere is the atmosphere on the planet Venus. Venus is known to have the highest surface temperature of any known planet. It is unlikely that Earth will become like this but, if the rest of the Earth were like Indonesia, the characteristics will eventually become identical. The increase in carbon emissions in

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