Swift's A Modest Proposal, By Jonathan Swift

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A Modest Proposal ,by Jonathan Swift, is a rather strange piece of work that encompases a proposal of eating babies. Swift did not intend to for people to actually follow his proposal and eat babies, but to showcase the abuse Irish Catholic’s encounter from Protestants in society. Swift oddly uses the proposal of eating Irish babies in his work to showcase how the Irish Catholics are treated. A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift is an obsolete work filled with modern day humour and irony in various ways to compose an essence of satire.
As the work begins, Swift bluntly proposes an idea to solve the "melancholy" and sight of women and their children begging and homeless on the streets of Ireland (Swift 1199). Swift is hoping his proposal will dramatically subsidize the several abortions from Irish Catholic mothers living in poverty tend. Swift goes on to elaborate on his proposal. Swift determines the incredibly large amount of Irish Catholics born in Ireland and ponders on how to go about lowering this number. Swift proposes the idea to subsequently eat the babies. This proposal is preposterous and is obviously never actually going to happen or be considered. Either way Swift’s proposal uses this idea to showcase the society of that time. As the work continues, it is explained how exactly the proposal will be addressed. Swift determines how the weight of the baby will impact the type of dish they make and how many people the baby can serve. He continues on to state that the

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