Swifty Persuasive Essay

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The fox flew past Swifty and Jerry or appeared to . They both had taken cover in the ovegrowth and the fox was now in clear view. As he flew by them he cried out "Ill be seeing you two later" with a vengful menacing sounding voice only the fox posessed. His eyes were wide open and he was frothing at the mouth, not in his usual anticipation of hunting down something to eat, but through sheer exhuastion. This time! it was the fox who was being hunted,not the rabbit and raccoon. A refreshing change that they both welcomed. There was also a part of Jerry and Swifty that felt saddened for the fox even though he had caused them both much terror on occassions. For this fox,his days of killing chickens, rabbits and Squirrills looked like coming to an end. …show more content…

Even a rabbit can have a panic attack he thought. "Keep still Swifty" said Jerry. "We dont want the dogs to pick up our scent; or we will also be ripped limb from limb. The pack of dogs ame spritnting by seeming to chat to each other like runners in an after scholl race. This was no after school race,not even for the pack of hungry dogs. For in their world, hunger would be rewarded,and soon! "the prize" would be foxy running down the lane into a dead end,a dead zone. The fox had now met his last of days. Farmer Jo will then be the last of our troubles they thought. The horses passed by and the fox ran for his life down the country lane and out of site. The sound of the horses hooves faded in to the disance just visable by a dust trail and then completely out of sight. The barking and howling of the dogs also faded. Jerry and Swifty came out from behind the overgrowth and once again stepped foot onto sand dusted

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