Sydney Caron Vs. Mr. Jarvis Lorry In A Tale Of Two Cities

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Sydney Carton vs. Mr. Jarvis Lorry
In A Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton is the clear protagonist of the book. This normally would make the antagonist (however there is no clear one) his antithesis. Yet straying from the norm, Dickens creates a very peculiar opposite for Carton in the form of Jarvis Lorry. Lorry is a man of business, and will not be strayed from his financial past even by an encroaching revolution. Carton on the other hand is a bleeding heart romantic hero, who is motivated by love and passion. To complicate the entire ordeal further, both Carton and Lorry are fighting for the same side. The different personalities of the characters play vital roles in the outcome of the book as well as the outcome of the revolution.
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I see him winning it so well, that my name is made illustrious there by the light of his. I see the blots I threw upon it, faded away. I see him, foremost of just judges and honoured men, bringing a boy of my name, with a forehead that I know and golden hair, to this place- then fair to look upon, with not a trace of this day's disfigurement- and I hear him tell the child my story, with a tender and a faltering voice”
Carton has given up his own life to give Lucie and a child whom he’s never met a better life. A main theme in A Tale of Two Cities is loyalty, and Sydney Carton’s loyalty seems to lie with not only Lucie, but with everyone but himself.
A true romantic hero in all he does, Carton could not be more different than the businessman who is Jarvis Lorry. Lorry is so preoccupied with his monetary situation that he fails to “look around and smell the roses,” the thing Carton seems to do best. Lorry is the opposite of a romantic hero in every way. He has a strong bond to his strong bonds and will not be thwarted in his business endeavours. He has stated that he not only thinks best when dealing with business, but that his business often gets in the way of his moral compass.
"If you knew what a conflict goes on in the business mind, when the business mind is divided between good-natured impulse and business appearances, you would be amused, Mr.
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