Symbolism In Denzel Washington's The Book Of Eli

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The first 30 minutes of “The Book of Eli” give you a mood like none other. You’ve got your typical movie post-apocalyptic America, full of billboard ruins and dead skeletons in ruined cars. Our supposed protagonist, Denzel Washington walks around this post-apocalyptic time killing cats for food and their cosmetic properties and scoring precious commodities like shoes and wet wipes off of dead bodies. However was the killing of the cat a symbolic situation? This is because the feline is looked upon as a feminine pet and he murders it so brutally then eats it. He camps in abandoned houses and makes friends with rats to break up the boredom. Though, as bad as things are, he still has a working music. The music humanized his Denzel …show more content…

That’s the question that a person can infer. Carnegie says he can use the book as a weapon to control the weak-minded. Carnegie is supposed to be the bad guy, but he sure says a lot of things that make sense. Carnegie was a unique character. He was the villain however there was a sense of humanity in him. Carnegie is in desperate need of the book. Something told Carnegie to confront Eli about the book. So Carnegie sends Solara, the daughter of his loyalist companion of Carnegie to Eli’s room for sex and to retrieve to the book. Solara was played by Mila Kunis. When Solara enters Eli’s quarters she tries to seduce him but failed. She opens up to him about her and her mother’s situation with Carnegie. Eli shows compassion and let her know that he has the book. They fled the borderline town and continue on Eli’s journey west with the book. In time on the journey, Eli and Solara stumble upon an isolated house. They fall into a trap, but manage to alleviate the suspicions of the residents, George and Martha; they invite them in for tea. When Eli realizes that the couples are cannibals, they attempt to leave just as Carnegie and his gang pulls up. In the resulting shootout, George, Martha and many of Carnegie's men are killed. While Eli and Solara are captured, Carnegie threatens to kill Solara unless Eli surrenders the Book. Carnegie shoots Eli and takes the book. With the book now in his possession, Carnegie takes Solara,

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