Symbolism In 'Through The Tunnel' By Doris Lessing

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In the following stories the authors dramatize the transition to adulthood through different symbolic objects and experiences. The authors use different types of literary elements to portray different experiences and feelings to the reader. I think the authors chose to use symbolism in their stories so that they could help the reader understand the different elements that are happening within the story. In the short story “Through the Tunnel” by Doris Lessing, the author displays symbolism by using the two different types of beaches and the tunnel. In the story the boy goes on vacation and he goes swimming. There are two different types of beaches there, a small calm beach that his mom stays on and a big beach with lots of rocks in it. When the boy is swimming at the beach with the big rocks in it, he sees some older boys dive off of a cliff and then go underwater for a long time and pop up really far away. He wonders how they did it. He then jumps off and swims around for a while looking for the hole they went in.When the boy goes into the tunnel he swims for a while. The author then uses this quote to help the reader understand the different symbolic objects and experiences “Then he saw, above his head, a crack running up through the rock… He was at the end of what he could do. He looked up at the crack as if it were filled with air and not water, as if he could put his mouth to it to draw in air… He must go on into the blackness ahead, or he would drown.” This
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