Symbolism in the Play Everyman Essay

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Symbolism in the Play Everyman

The play Everyman dates back to medieval times and has affected many people throughout the centuries. Many life lessons are looked at throughout the play through symbolism, which helps the reader understand life’s lessons easier. Everyman, an allegory, had symbolism scattered throughout the entire story, which helped to better show lessons learned through life. In Everyman, symbolism is present in many characters, including Good-Deeds, Confession, and Death.

In the play Everyman, Good-Deeds is symbolic through his character name, costume, and actions. Good-Deeds shows symbolism through his many charitable acts. Good-Deeds wishes to go along with Everyman on his
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Confession is also another very symbolic character in the play Everyman especially through his name, costume, and actions. Confession gives penance and perhaps the Act of Contrition to Everyman to say to redeem himself from his sins. Confessions’ costume was probably along the lines of white, meaning innocence and purity. During the play, Confession acts by helping Everyman confess his sins and gives him penance for his sins. This is symbolic to how the Roman Catholic Church performs reconciliation, where followers can redeem themselves for sins they have made.

During the play, Death lets Everyman search for somebody to go with him on his pilgrimage to his grave. Death is another symbolic character to the play Everyman. Death is symbolic to death and the dying process. The dying process’ steps are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. Death most likely wore the color black, resembling sorrow, sadness and the sign of mourning. Death’s actions are to tell Everyman that he is going to come face to face with death no matter what, even if he can bring somebody with. This symbolizes how many people today think that death can be delayed, but it’s ultimately the end for everyone. In conclusion, Everyman uses symbolism to portray the lessons of life.

Symbolism has been represented

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