Symbols And Symbols Of Icons

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Iconography is the traditional or conventional images or symbols associated with a subject and especially a religious or legendary subject (Iconography). Icons are used in all religions to represent and commemorate religious figures and symbols that are held with great honor within the religion. Icons are used to represent some sacred personage, such as a saint or an angel or Christ (The Definition of Icons). Icons are typically written on wood and honored as sacred (Goldammer). Not only is the writing itself seen as sacred but the whole practice of creating these icons is a religious event. There are three main types of religious icons: portrait icons, group icons, and landscape icons referring the the objects in the writings. There are rules associated with iconography that have to be followed in order for the image to be viewed as an icon. Before the artist starts writing the icon, they are supposed to fast and pray so that they are in a clear, undisturbed state of mind. The artist needs to quiet one’s spirit, which is done through the praying and fasting. The quieting one’s spirit is a way to open up and let God in so he can do the work. The artist is instructed not to sign the writing as it is supposed to come from God therefore, there is no credit that needs to be given. Another rule is that icons are referred to as “written” instead of “painted” or “drawn”. Describing them as “written” emphasizes the important spiritual role that these icons possess.
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