Symbols In The Bible : The Kingdom Of God

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Throughout the new testament, there a multitude of references to “the kingdom of God.” What did Jesus mean when he said this? Jesus never specifically told us what he meant when he said, “the kingdom of God.” He did not often say exactly what he meant, using parables and other metaphors to attempt to allude to what he was talking about. This is probably because the kingdom of God is not a singular thing that can be easily explained. Most importantly, the kingdom of God is a symbol; it is not referring to an area of land under the rule of a king, God. Primarily, it seems to be a symbol for salvation at the end of times (Butkus and Holmes, 164); the promised heaven for the followers of God, that they will be sent to after the second coming, where all of their needs will be met and they will have enormous happiness.
An important quality of the salvation that God offers us is that it is available for all. Anybody willing to put the work into being a disciple of God can achieve salvation, no matter what you were like beforehand. It is clear in the Gospel that all are welcome to follow Jesus and gain the benefits that fall from that. It is also clear that the poor and oppressed have a priority in the kingdom. Throughout the Bible, widows, orphans, and the poor are treated with special attention.
Jesus proclaimed the kingdom of God by using parables. Parables are stories that carry deep messages. They are meant to be very relatable so that the larger concepts held within can be
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