Symptoms And Symptoms Of Gastrointestinal Symptoms

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According to a recent study, 126 PRO instruments have been identified which measure a broad range of gastrointestinal symptoms and conditions.14 Prior evaluation and comparison of these instruments demonstrated the two instuments with the highest scores for IBS symptom assessment were the Visceral Sensitivity Index and the IBS-QOL questionnaires. 14 The Visceral Sensitivity Index questionnaire (VIS)15 was developed as the first instrument to assess gastrointestinal-specific anxiety, the cognitive, affective, and behavioral response to fear of gastrointestinal sensations, symptoms, and the context in which these visceral sensations and symptoms occur. Although this questionnaire can but used in IBS patients, the instrument emphasizes behavior and psychological components of gastrointestinal symptoms instead of the physical symptoms. Since the clinical question being asked relates to primarily gastrointestinal symptoms, this tool did not appear to be the most appropriate. The IBS-QOL questionnaire16 includes 34 questions that measure health-related quality of live in IBS patients. Numerous studies were performed to validate this questionnaire and included item reduction, factor structure analysis employing principal components analysis (PCA), assessment of internal consistency reliability assessed by Cronbach’s Coefficient α, reproducibility via comparing the overall IBS-QOL score at Baseline and one week later using the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC), assessment

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