Symptoms And Symptoms Of Narcolepsy Essay

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Narcolepsy is a neurological chronic brain disorder that is uncontrollable and affects the poor control of sleep and wakefulness. People with narcolepsy tend to experience daytime sleepiness and fall asleep anywhere at any given time. There is no direct cause of narcolepsy but there it is a genetic disease in which you can get it from one of your family members. The genes controls the productions of chemicals in the brain that may have signaled sleep and awaken cycles. There are abnormalities in many parts of the brain which has some type of involvement with REM sleep. In REM sleep you can experience muscle paralysis and dreams which goes into better explanation of some of the symptoms of narcolepsy. Your learning can be affected by sleeping and the symptoms of narcolepsy which messes up your concentration, attention span, study, and memory. Some symptoms of narcolepsy are excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), sleep attacks, cataplexy, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis. One major effect of having narcolepsy is experiencing obesity. When experiencing sleep attacks, they usually last for a few seconds to several minutes. Narcolepsy is a disease that affects weight, different genders, and age groups. As I mentioned before, REM sleep is characterized by dream-enhancing behavior and impaired motor inhibition during REM sleep. Narcolepsy affects someone’s weight especially if they choose to eat poorly and not exercise or watch what they’re eating. Denise Mann stated, “The

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