Synthesis Essay Drought

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How many people do you know that can endure months without being able to eat because they have no water let alone having to wash dishes that you eat off of or not even being able to brush your teeth with all the food you just ate stuck in your teeth? Many people disagree with the fact of being in a drought. The farmers are in danger since their crops won’t grow properly, therefore we won’t have healthy foods, people will not be able to take showers, do their own dishes or their own tasks providing for their family. California should maintain the laws for the aquifer

Consequently “When it first went dry, we used to drive to my daughter’s house in Visalia about 45 minutes away to have a shower,” he says. “But it was costing a lot of money in gas” (Source 2). “There are also the endless treks to the Laundromat for the family wash and the supermarket for drinking water, not to mention the horror of the nightly dishes” (Source 2). These two quotes are stating about many citizens having to invest money to try and manufacture priorities to happen without using any water for their family therefore we as citizens would cognate the laws …show more content…

"Everything about farming is already unpredictable, harvest to harvest" (Source 1). "They don't have a good concept of what goes on in the Valley," said Belluomini. "I think that's just obvious time and time again" (Source 1). “Groundwater is like a bank account. You can’t take out more than you put in on an ongoing basis.’— Jerry Cadagan, water activist (Source 3). Even if the people stating the quotes above are against having laws I still disagree with what they are agreeing with since the majority of the citizens would like to have a healthy environment, they need to have a certain percent of aquifer so they can send more aquifer out to everyone. The reason for this is for citizens to have enough water to be able to do all tasks in their

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