Syphilis Experiment Sociology

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From a sociological perspective, I do not think that hypothesis, “The rate of progression of Syphilis may differ by race when comparing African American males to Whites” is valid as is. Race is a social construct, however the experiences that which we go through because of race is very real. That leads me to believe the hypothesis could be valuable if it were framed differently. Because of environmental factors, cultural factors, and health disparites, certain races may be at risk for a particular disease than others. I feel that maybe if the hypothesis would have been framed as “The rate of progression of Syphilis may differ by race when comparing African American males who have (certain health problem) to Whites males who have (certain health problem)” it could have been valid. However, these men would have had to receive the same exact treatments and likely be from the same SES.
I feel that the U.S. Department of Public Health had a genuine interest in studying the differences of Syphilis between Black and …show more content…

Brodus treat the men for their Syphilis, as that was the initial plan. However, they ran out of funding and that is when the USDPH decided to give them unlimited funding for only 400 men. She was told they would continue to treat the men, but they would be using different products for doing so, then once they had enough data, the original treatments would begin again. She held some reservations about lying to the men (Caleb, Willie, etc.) however, she was in too deep once they begin to get sick and could tell that treatments weren’t working. Personally, once I would have realized that the men wouldn’t be cured because of the so-called “Herxeimer Reaction”, I would have revealed that they could be cured and to quit the study, then I would have quit my job. I’d likely face some serious fines, jail time, or be stripped of my nursing degree, but I’d rather deal with that, than have hundreds of deaths on my

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