Taenia Solium Worm Essay

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The Taenia Solium worm is a type of worm that is found On many continents. They come from the large intestine of the pig and can be contracted by not cooking pork thoroughly. If any eggs make it into the body it will cause serious problems to the host. When the eggs hatch in the large intestine they will start growing and while they are growing they will Start feeding Off of the nutrients that the large intestine is bringing down to where the worms are. They then start easing into the bloodstream, which they start making there way up to the brain. After they make it to the brain they start eating the brain from the inside. If the worm continues to eat the brain from the inside it can cause many different problems. They can cause dizziness, …show more content…

This infection can also infect different tissues, the eyes, and the spinal cord. Tbey use the suckers at the end of the scolex to connect to the side of the small intestine they can enter the blood vessels surrounding it.
The taenia solium worm is a type of tapeworm. It can grow up to 8 meters long. While in the human body.

The main way that this worm is transmitted to humans is because pigs eat food that is infected with the worm eggs, then the the worms get into the pigs intestinal tract which then they will fertilize their eggs inside the intestines then the eggs will be more than likely be eaten by another pig do the cycle will be repeated over and over, and whenever the meat distributor sends the meat to the grinder to be processed the worm eggs go with the meat and then onto our plates, unless the meat is cooked thoroughly enough for no eggs to survive. Whenever the larvae start developing they can start developing in the tissue which could go unnoticed for several years until it I is too late to do any treatment. Though if someone if fortunate enough to find it in

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