Tagore As A Realistic Writer

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Tagore As A Realistic Writer According to Oxford Dictionary 8th edition (2010), realism is a mode of writing that gives the impression of recording or ‘reflecting’ an actual way of life. In simpler words, realism can also be defined as a style in art or literature that shows things and people as they are in real life. Tagore is a realistic writer as he uses this method in the writing of his works significantly. He believes that literature has the ethical and moral function which is to trigger the readers' consciousness about the truth of the society they are living in. This paper discusses Tagore as a realistic writer and how realism is conveyed in Tagore's short stories. Tagore writes about real situations and conditions that happen in the society without sugarcoating them. This great writer presents the society in his writing realistically and straightforwardly condemns its shortcomings. Tagore addresses many toxic issues that are engraved in the society which are causing …show more content…

It can be seen from several aspects that are highlighted in the story. Firstly, society emphasizes the importance of education only for boys but not for girls. Nirupama does not receive high education and is soon married off. During those time, girls do not have the privilege to pursue higher education. Instead, they would be married off as soon as they reach the right age which is still quite young. This is because women are viewed as a fickle being. People during this time argued that education has the potential to bring harm for women as their mind is easily corrupted. Even so, women's education should not be stopped completely. Instead, education for women should exist and has to be properly controlled so that women would not be easily swayed by bad or extreme form of knowledge, if their idea about women being fickle is true. This illustrates how society generally regards women to be in a lower position than

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