Taking a Look at Abortion Clinics

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Abortion clinics tend to center around women only and have the men sit in the waiting area while the female goes through the process for the abortion. Meanwhile, the men sit silently alone with no service alone with no service or counseling provided in the waiting area. Men should feel welcomed and having pamphlets or brochures to help educate them and learn to cope with healing process after and during the time the make a decision to go through with the abortion. Men should feel equally treated and should be allowed to go through the decision with the women (Papworth 2011).
Nixon states, “There was a man name hunter who experienced going to the abortion clinic with his girlfriend. Hunter decided to walk outside for a second not knowing that his partner came out looking for him because she did not want to do the abortion. However, since he was not in the waiting area, she went ahead with the abortion. This made hunter leave feeling guilty. There are some men who sympathize with the female wishing he could have had the abortion for her. Some men go as far as distracting their partner from signs that talks about abortion or pregnancy. There has been men who look into help that is provided for women to get counseling because they are suffering emotionally as well. (Nixon, 2005)
Society has limited men into thinking they only should be involved in helping to produce the baby, give support, and be tentative to their partner

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