Taking a Look at Cults in the United Staes

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“Did you know there are roughly five to seven million people who are in a cult or cult like group in America? As of July 31, 2013 there were an estimated 316,330,350 people in America alone." One way cults attract there members is by using psychological techniques to make young people in America want to join them in their holy journey. But are the leaders really insane? Some would argue yes others not so much, but how could someone who thought they knew everything there is to know about a book, written thousands of years ago, not be questioned on their sanity. Cults can affect many people as a society or individually, the effects cults have on certain people can be a great one due to they take away all your rights and give you certain rules to follow. The reason cults are shameful to society is because they control individuals and manipulate them into what they see as beneficial for a whole group not individually. Psychological techniques are just simple tactics used by the leaders of these cults that would take over the minds of the members. This instilled immediate obedience over the members’ minds, meaning they now did and believed anything said by the leader because he was sent by god to save people from total damnation. Controlling the mind meant the cults left the members dependent on them so if they left, the members would not know how to live without guidance. After controlling your mind the things you would normally complain about go unnoticed, because you don’t

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