Taking a Look at Government Models

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The rational actor model

• According to the rational model the government represents the first and most important stage of analysis. The state is a rational actor whose choice is based on the maximization of profit versus the minimization of costs.
• Specifically, during the Cuban Missile Crisis the Soviet Union swiftly took the situational upper hand by positioning their Nuclear missles in Cuba towards the U.S. Their actions were also backed up U.S. failure in the secret invasion of Cuba. On the other side, Kennedy’s counter attack strategy was defined through the rational analysis of the available options; ranging from invasion to no counter attack at all.
• Kennedy decided to rely on the strategic blockade/quarantine of Cuba as it avoided escalation into war and wait for the Soviet Response. Ultimately, the Soviets realized their strategic position under the pressure of nuclear weapons and within the risk of mutual destruction. It was the rational choice to avoid resorting to nuclear weapons, and dissolve the conflict by removing the weapons.

The organizational process model
One of the loopholes of the rational model was that the Soviets did not manage to hide their missiles, and only did so after being identified by U.S forces.
• According to organizational process model, a conflict is broken down into several institutional procedures and responsibilities, making it difficult to fully depict the situation.
• In times of crisis, there is not much time

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