Taking a Look at Homelessness

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Whalley is located in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. This community, around King George SkyTrain station, is a densely populated area. In this community, there are a large number of homeless individuals. In homeless population, mental illness commonly present in the forms of schizophrenia, depression, personality disorders, substance abuse, and other affective disorders. According to Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, there are “400 homeless people in Surrey, representing 15% of the region's 2650 homeless” (City of Surrey, n.d, “2014”). This problem has been present for many years and there are still people suffering from the basic lack of proper housing. Moreover, it is ought to be noted that “the population is virtually unchanged since the last count … in 2008” (City of Surrey, n.d, “2014”). The city of surrey, due to increased federal funding has been able to funnel resources and funding to accelerate actions related to this problem in mental health. As the result, city of Surrey has been able to work with B.C housing to build more affordable homes for homeless individuals and “ establishing the homeless and housing fund” (City of Surrey, n.d, “2014”). These programs will help individuals to find affordable housing to call home, but the core problem related to mental health illnesses is still a vibrant problem among homeless individuals. For my Photo Voice project, I decided to focus on homeless problem in this community in a hope of raising awareness about the mental
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