Taking a Look at Soil Depletion

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Some say that chemical fertilizers are necessary for the growth of crops and that the chemical fertilizers are necessary in order to keep up with the everyday increasing demands of the human consumption rate, but are chemical fertilizers truly necessary? It is true that chemical fertilizers do help produce an efficient yield, but what natural process is undergoing replacement in order to speed things up? Some say that chemical fertilizers are irreplaceable since they produce the necessary nutrients for a plant to grow (N-P-K), but are chemical fertilizers truly irreplaceable in the eyes of society? Could not the bones, soil rotations, and the ancient methods our past generations discovered provide the nutrients a plant need? Some say that chemical fertilizers are overall beneficial to the human race thanks to everything they provide us: food, money, jobs, and lower malnutrition rates throughout the States, but are they really overall beneficial? This paper will talk about the negative impacts that chemical fertilizers have on soils in the long and short term and how the health of the people consuming chemically fertilized foods is undergoing alteration, to do so it is essential to look at the origin and history of chemical fertilizers. In 1840 Baron Justus von Liebig, a German chemist: “set agriculture on its industrial path when he broke down the quasi-mystical concept of fertility in soil into a straightforward inventory of the chemical elements plants require for

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