The Pros And Cons Of The Death Penalty

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Should killers live to take another life? If we let the felons live, what will stop them from getting that rush or thrill of murder again? It is important that we take murderers off this planet for the safety of future generations to come. This is where the death penalty comes into place. What type of feelings would you encounter knowing your children were in danger on a daily basis? We are capable of putting certain people away for our safety. The death penalty may be expensive, but it should stand nationwide on the grounds that it lowers crime rates and it is justified.

The death penalty is too expensive to enact. Every case having to do with the penalty of death costs an extra chunk load of money, trials average over $395,762 per case. Each trial is very expensive, the reason being that courts need to know exactly what occurred at the crime scene, from the witnesses to the jury, which truly adds to the grand total. Some anti-death penalty groups believe that all of the extra details such as DNA lab tests are what make the death penalty cost so much (Grinberg). “They have introduced legislation to take the death penalty off the books over financial concerns" (Grinberg). Both of these statements are concluding that the death penalty is far too expensive to enforce. If you were to compare a regular case and a death penalty case the difference would be a about 300,000 dollars in favor of the death penalty, and what for the execution of a human being. Carrying out

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