Taking a Look at the Tattoo Culture

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Up until recent time’s people adorned themselves with tattoos as a symbol of self-expression. However they are now most commonly used in mainstream culture as a means of self-decoration. Today’s generation of youth are experiencing a positive relation to tattoo culture. As they are in the middle of an increasingly “tattoo friendly” and “tattoo flooded” society. The aesthetic value of tattoos has exponentially increased as they become a more legitimate art form and are accepted as fashion accessories. With the further legitimization of tattoos, more fine artists are becoming tattoo artists which has led to an increase in the use of original designs instead the once popular “flash tattoo”. This legitimization of the practice has opened the door for new educated artists to enter a career in tattooing as it proves to be a more lucrative means of artistic expression. The shift of tattoos from a symbol of rebellion and deviant nature to an expression of artistic creativity is evident as noted by George James in his study titled “From Back Alleys to Beauty Queens” when he states, “what was once the trade of tattoo artists with names like Sailor Bill operating in shipyard alleyways and in amusement park stalls has become craft, if not art…” The notable increase in popularity of tattooing along with the transformation into a legitimate art form has resulted in the emergence of a common theme throughout the works of journalists and reporters. This theme refers to a

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