Tales From The Thousand And One Nights Storytelling Analysis

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Storytelling in Tales from the Thousand and One Nights Storytelling is a major theme in Tales from the Thousand and One Nights that encompasses every story in the book. Compiled over centuries by numerous authors, it explores a variety of themes throughout the stories. Each story in the book is one told by Shahrazad to King Shahriyar, and the characters in the stories told by her also tell tales. Shahrazad successfully keeps herself alive by sharing stories that complement her intentions. Various characters in her stories use storytelling as a way to survive, to teach a lesson, or simply to entertain. Regardless of the storyteller’s intentions, the stories told typically complement each other. In the “Prologue,” the frame story is …show more content…

King Sinbad cuts his falcon’s wings off hastily without considering the effects of his actions. King Yunan illustrates the idea that one should not act irrationally out of emotion. This inner story complements Shahrazad’s intentions. King Sinbad “was stricken with sorrow and remorse for having so rashly killed the bird which had saved his life” (89). Shahrazad tells this story so that King Shahriyar does not act rashly and kill the one who is to save his royal bloodline. Shahrazad again illustrates her own virtue by showing how different she is from Fatimah in “The Tale of Ma’aruf the Cobbler.” Fatimah is identified by her “heartless cruelty” (372). By distinguishing Fatimah as a cruel and wicked woman, Shahrazad’s own kindness is emphasized. Shahrazad explores the idea that women do not always lie for no reason at all. The Princess that Ma’aruf marries lies to the King and the Vizier because she truly loves Ma’aruf. Shahrazad displayed a gentler side of women as compared to the other stories she told. Jennings 3 Shahrazad employs the embedded narrative device in “The Tale of the Hunchback,” as this tale includes many other stories inside. She does this to add depth to her stories. The characters in the stories tell stories to stall their death or prevent an innocent person from dying. Shahrazad does the same thing. By stalling her own death she not only keeps herself alive,but also breaks the cycle of other innocent women being

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